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Mobile Technology: How to Incorporate It Into Your Marketing Strategy

May 15, 2014 /

With 66% of companies using mobile technology and more than a hundred million people owning smartphones, it is time for your business to join the mobile bandwagon. Whether it's the creation of a mobile-friendly website, adoption of a mobile social media strategy, or even the production of a catalog that is mobile-friendly, there is quite a number you can do to incorporate mobile technology into your marketing. Don't forget about website development as a important aspect of marketing mobile technology.

Here are some ways to do this:

Mobile Apps

Do you believe that there is an application for just about everything? Indeed, organisations and companies worldwide are now using mobile applications not only to handle many of their administrative tasks – saving them time and money - but also to help in increasing brand awareness and their revenue stream.

You can use mobile apps to provide data such as product details, prices, streaming videos, and online demos for your target market. You can even use such applications to make pertinent information like product prices and information, inventory, and other relevant marketing information, remotely available to your salespeople so they have easy access to the most timely and accurate information when they most need it. The more quickly your salespeople can obtain vital information to move their prospects through every step of the sales cycle, the greater their chance of standing out from the competition and ultimately making a sale. That's why, it is also equally important that your people have smartphones or tablets that always function at its best. If they break down, make sure to have them professionally repaired by us here at Mobile Basics to lessen downtime and prevent potential sales loss.

Mobile-Friendly Website

With more than half of all local searches being done using mobile devices as opposed to laptops and desktops, it's easy to conclude that mobile internet usage has overtaken desktop online usage so it's now more important than ever that your visitors can easily navigate your site from their smartphones or tablets. In addition, it's crucial that your visitors can easily view your products, place orders, and map your location from their devices. For instance, by having the production of your catalog for your website be designed for easy viewing on smartphones, iPads, and other mobile tablets, you are making it easier for your customers and prospects to view your products, increasing your chance of making a sale.

QR Codes

Similar to UPC codes, QR or Quick Response codes contain information that you can use for various purposes, such as going to a website, sending a text, and making a call. By placing a QR code on the packaging of all your products, your marketing and sales potential can definitely increase. QR codes can make it easy for your customers to get information about your product, providing you an opportunity to market your products as well as your website. Once the QR codes are scanned by your customers with their mobile devices, the code can link them to anything, such as demo videos on how to use your products and your company's promotional website.

Be sure to incorporate these mobile technologies into your marketing strategy, so your company will not be left behind.