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Mobile basics offer a range of mobile phone repairs, for all makes and models, simply email or call us with your requirements and a member of our friendly team will be more then happy to help.

We now also provide repair services for tablets and sat nav devices. Our services are available throughout the UK using insured couriers to collect and return your device within a few days




How to Get Your Damaged Phones Repaired Quickly and Cheaply

Oct 24, 2013 /

These days, it is very rare to meet a person that doesn’t use a mobile phone. In fact, it seems that just about every one you see has at least one mobile device with them at all times. Many people have an international SIM card that they only use to make overseas calls. These are sometimes used in dual card phones or are just inserted when the caller needs to make a long distance call. It is a system that more and more mobile users are adopting every year for the cheaper rates that they offer.

Mobile and Smart Phone Repairs

We have all dropped or damaged our handsets at one time or another. This used to mean a trip into town to our local phone repair centre and quite often a lengthy wait for spare parts. However, this has recently changed as there are now many repair services that can fix your handset by post. Most can repair any kind of phone from the latest touch screen devices to the international cell phones that are becoming so popular with travellers and holidaymakers. Many can even offer a one-day return, making phone repairs quick and easy for everyone.

Online Phone Support

Before going on holiday it is always a good idea to arrange online support for your handsets. This service is readily available from many of the UKs leading mobile repair companies. If, you should experience technical problems whist on holiday a technician can help you to troubleshoot the issue via email. Many people also buy an international SIM card before they go on holiday for the cheaper tariffs that they can offer. This combination of a good online support package plus a cost effective call provider, making for a relaxing and stress free holiday.

Finding a Good Handset Repair Service

A good handset repair firm will be able to fix any kind of mobile device. Most can also offer very fast turnarounds so that you don’t have to be without your mobile for very long at all. A good repair firm will be able to fix all kinds of devices from a good quality international mobile phone to the latest generation of tablet. To find a good repair company all you need to do is merely log onto the Internet and search for handset repair centres in your area. It is a very quick and easy way to solve all of your mobile device problems from the comfort of your own home.

Repairs by Post

You can now send your mobile devices directly to repair services via recorded delivery. This is guaranteed to reach the repair service the very next day. Most repairs can be finished on the day of receiving the device and sent back using the same secure postal service. The whole process can take as little as only two working days, making it and incredibly convenient service for all of your repair requirements. It is certainly a very easy way to get your devices fixed.