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4 Ways to Increase Productivity and Profitability Through Mobile Devices

Feb 06, 2015 /

Technology has brought much advancement in the lives of people, especially on how entrepreneurs conduct their ventures. Mobile gadgets, in particular, have increased the productivity and profitability of businesspeople in handling their operations especially on the following areas:


Real-time communication is very important in a business environment. You need to be in touch with other people in your office to make sure that operation is smooth. This is where mobile technology works primarily. It allows business owners and employees to have an exceptional level of connectivity to vendors, colleagues and clients. Through it, the delivery and exchange of data, reports and other important information is easy. Aside from that, with the use of third-party applications, anyone could be able to do other vital tasks such as sending emails, making presentations, collaborating through office network and many more.

Computer Integration

Desktop computers are a staple in almost all working environments nowadays. Employees in most companies use PCs in doing their office tasks. With proper connectivity accessories or applications, modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be hooked to desktops in order to consolidate data or transfer and process important files. Furthermore, most productivity software or applications nowadays can be used both in computers and in mobile devices, making it easier to work on most tasks. Not only that, office safety systems hooked to computers are a more formidable security structure since thermal imaging, video analytics and more become possible. Here are some tools and solutions suited for business use worth checking out:


Mobile devices have enhanced the way businesspeople advertise their products and services. Nowadays, consumers have access to information about different commodities through advanced marketing technologies such as mobile websites, mobile applications, IVR messaging , SMS, banner adverts and QR codes among others. These advertising strategies can be customised to suit the requirements of a company and to cater to the needs of potential clients. Thus, businesses can easily reach out to their target market in an affordable and timely manner.

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Advertising and telecommunication are not the only in business that can be enhanced by the modern mobile technology. It also enables entrepreneurs to directly deliver products and services to their clients. Many companies nowadays, specifically those in the transportation and entertainment industry, can sell their tickets through smartphones. Books, videos, music and many digital goods can now be purchased and downloaded from handheld devices. Banking, stock market brokerage, and other information services are also available on mobile phones. All of these provide convenience not only to businesses but also to the consumers.

It is important to maintain the functionality of your mobile devices to ensure that you can use them for productivity. Thus, if you think you need repair services for your smartphones or tablets, get in touch with professionals who have the skills and knowledge to do the necessary fixes. Check us out here at Mobile Basics to find out how we can help you.