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Smart Ways to Maximise Technology: Digitise Your Small Business

May 26, 2015 /

Technology has always been one of those things that many small businesses shy away from, probably because it often comes with a heavy price tag. Another reason is that it sometimes creates a painful disruption to a company's operational process flow. However, the new wave of digital technology, including smartphones, tablets, apps, social media and the cloud, is rapidly changing the way people do business. That being said, the shift to modern technology is inevitable, and the most you could do is find ways to make it work to your advantage. To help you ease into the transition, consider these tips:

Work out what your priorities are

The first step to incorporating digital technology into your business is to understand what is really important to your company. Whether it is to increase sales, improve workplace efficiency or save money, all the technology you need already exists. If your needs are really unique, there are always those who can provide tailor-made solutions such as ScienceSoft and their application development services.. Overall, you only have to know what areas to tackle. This way, you'll be more likely to reap the biggest dividends with the limited resources that you have. Once you have identified your priorities, it will be easier to decide which one of the following resources to take advantage of. Utilizing จอโฆษณา led can provide new technology to a business.

  • - a point-of-sale specialist that can help you provide efficient sales processing for your store.
  • reservation software by Netbookings - perfect for travel and spa businesses who want the ability to process huge chunks of bookings data efficiently and accurately.

If you think any of your devices may have been hacked, contact Hack Rescue and make sure that your devices are safe to use.

Equip your office with Wi-Fi

Having in-house Wi-Fi can benefit you in many ways. By providing this to customers, you can give them access to the information they need to make a purchase. This also gives them a reason to stay in your store rather than go home to purchase online. If you are reluctant to offer this service for free, just inform customers that they need to ask for the password. On the other hand, if you're running an office rather than a store, having Wi-Fi can help speed up work processes. Tasks that used to be done manually can now be automated to save time, allowing you to finish more work in a day. Here are some sites to help you kick things off:

Establish an online presence

If you don't already have a website or social channels for your business, it's high time that you do. And, if you already have them in place, it helps that you update all relevant information, such as your address, new products, opening hours and contact details. In addition, you should be more active when it comes to marketing your brand online. If you're not sure how to get started, it pays to get the help of experts.

  • Felinesoft Microsoft Crm - a website and software development firm that can help you launch an appealing and effective web page for your business.
  • WickedWeb - this digital marketing agency can help you boost your brand reputation and customer engagement online.
  • Simple ID Web Design - a web design and development studio that offers optimised internet exposure for small businesses.
  • Aquion - an IT solutions company dedicated to providing products and services that meet specific client needs.

Go mobile

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to search products and services over the internet. That said; it's essential that your website can be viewed optimally on smaller screens. Going mobile does not only help your business reach a wider audience, it also allows you to monitor your enterprise no matter where you are. Smartphones have indeed become a vital tool for running a business, and it's important that they always function at their best. Should your device break down, be sure to have it professionally repaired to reduce downtime and avoid potential sales loss. If you don't already have a smart mobile device, you can find affordable units at online stores, such as ProMobilez Power Bank .

Provide online calls to action

If you want people to find and connect with you online, or you have great information on your social pages or website, be sure to advertise it. Provide calls-to-action in your store to encourage customers to follow you on social networking sites. You can offer online-only incentives to make it more compelling. This is extremely important as it allows you to market your products even after your customers have left your store.

Technology is an ally towards entrepreneurial success, so start embracing it.